It is easy to add an additional country to your project at any time.  

Step 1 - Click the blue Edit button to open the project edit screen.  

Step 2 - Go to the botton of the country list and you will see the button to "Add New Data File"  - click that and you will see a new entry appear above for the country.  

Step 3 - Click the "Eye" icon in the new entry to open it to add the data points for this new file.  

Typically there are only 2 edits you need to make.  

1.  Choose the Country/Language combination for the new entry.  

2.  Choose your URL source.   This you have a few choices  

Option 1 - Add XML Site Map URL - use this option if the country has a single XML site map.  If you have multiple files for the country make sure you check the "Index upload" checkbox so the system will look for the files.  

Option 2 - Upload file(s) - if your URL's are in a CSV or multiple XML site maps you can choose this option.  Keep the default choice of "Replace" .