Use this option when you have a master XML Index file that lists each individual country/language files and you want us to download from the web.  Your XML site map folder should look like the sample below.  It is a master file with a list of all of the individual files.  

Importing Process

Choose the XML Site Map Index file option and the text box will appear at the bottom of the screen to add the URL for the index file then click "create"  
HREF Builder will go to the file, export all of the individual files, then visit each and get the URL's to add them to the data set.  


1.  The URL's in the XML must be to XML site maps and not individual URL's.    

2.  File format must be xml 

3.  Each country must have a unique country/language XML file entry in the index file.

4.  Note:  To use this option you MUST set a Regular Expression in the Country Language Setting above.  Use the RegEx builder worksheet and copy the RegEx syntax that matches your structure